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Monitoring survival and function of transfused platelets in Bernard-Soulier syndrome by flow cytometry and a cone and plate(let) analyzer (Impact-R).

Use of the DiaMed Impact-R to test platelet function in stored platelet concentrates.

Poster: Use of the DiaMed Impact-R to test platelet function in stored platelet concentrates.

Impact - The Cone and Plate(let) Analyzer: Testing Platelet Function and Anti-Platelet Drug Response.

Detection of antibodies in acid eluates with the gel microcolumn assay.

Rapid detection of autoantibodies to DNA with the particle gel immunoassay (ID-PaGIA).

A newly developed gel centrifugation test for quantification of RBC-bound IgG antibodies and their subclasses IgG1 and IgG3: comparison with flow cytometry.

Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia.
Serodiagnosis of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection Using the New Particle Gel Immunoassay -
ID-PaGIA Chagas.
Screening blood donations for parvovirus B19.

Validation of new technology for antibody detection by antiglobulin tests.

Les tests en gel et leur évolution.

A simplified Assay for Anti-Platelet-Antibodies by the Gel-test.


Laboratory evaluation of DiaMed-ID Micro Typing System.

Etude comparative de différentes techniques de recherche dagglutinines irrégulières: tubes, microplaques, gel.

Detection of cell-drug antibody complexes by the gel-test.

Gel techniques in bloodgroup serology.

Applications and Limitations of the ID-Micro Typing System.

Pros and "Cons" of the use of the enzyme test in antibody screening.

The gel test: some problems and solutions.

The use of the antiglobulin "gel test" for antibody detection.

A preliminary trial of the gel test for blood group serology.

Anticuerpos irregulares encontrados y estudiados en el CRTS de Sevilla-Huelva en 32.348 muestras.
Reaccion Hemolitica postransfusional tardia por anti Jk (b).

Superiority of Gel Centrifugation in Antibody Screening and identification.

Gel test DiaMed ID Micro Typing System: interpretation and value of a new technique for the detection of irregular antibodies.

Estudio comparativo de gel-test y microplaca en Liss-Coombs y papaina para la deteccion de anticuerpos.


Test with a gel system of blood grouping with weak variants of the ABO, RH and Kell systems.

Evaluation of the ID-gel test for antibody screening and identification.


Applicazione del gel test su scheda nella ricerca degli antigeni AEB su traccia ematica.

Valutazione comparativa di un metodo in fase solida eldi un metodo su gel per i test di compatiibilità petrasfusionale.

The gel test: a new way to detect red cell antibody-antigens reactions.


Compatibility testing.

Evaluation of the gel testv.

Le gel test: un nouveau procédé en Immunohématologie.

II gel test: primo bilancio dopo 14 mesi di esperienza e proposta di utilizzazione in medicina forense.

Valoraciön del Sistema \"Microtyping ID\" applicado a la identificación de anticuerpos.

Gel centrifugation test - a new Micro Method for blood group typing and antibody screening.

Gel centrifugation test - a comparative study of a new method in red blood cell serology.

Evaluation of the gel test.

Gel centrifugation test - a new Micro method for blood group typing, antibody screening and crossmatch.